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Transcript Request

Winnebago High School uses Scribbles for transcript processing. If you are a senior that graduated this year, your transcripts are free until August 1st through the Scribbles system.

  • High School Transcripts are $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Grades are $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Enrollment History is $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Test History is $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Behavior is $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Immunizations are $10.00 through Scribbles
  • Birth Certificates are $10.00 through Scribbles

OFFICIAL Transcript / Student Records will only be mailed to a college, university, or other educational institution. Requests to be mailed to home / non-educational addresses will be UNOFFICIAL.

 Click Here to go to the Scribbles for Winnebago High School.